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About us
  • Development Bank of Kazakhstan Joint Stock Company (hereinafter – the Bank, Development Bank or DBK) has been incorporated under the:
    - Decree No.531 «On Development Bank of Kazakhstan» of the President of the RK N. Nazarbayev dated 28 December 2000;
    - RK Government Decree No. 659 «On incorporation of Development Bank of Kazakhstan Closed Joint Stock Company» dated 18 May 2001.

    The Bank’s Mission

    To promote sustainable development of the national economy through investments to non-energy sector of the country.


    - Leading operator of the country by assessment and structuring of large infrastructure and industrial projects for private sector and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 
    - specialized development establishment, providing timely and sufficient financing of projects in industry and infrastructure;
    - financial establishment on providing best financing in the national currency; 
    - one of the largest financial establishments of Kazakhstan by the amount of assets with recognized authority at international markets; 
    - the major agent for raising long term and inexpensive funds and investments for corporative customers.


    To improve and to raise efficiency of public investment activity, to develop industrial infrastructure and processing industry, to facilitate in raising external and internal investments to the economy of the country.


    Raising direct investments to economy: 
    - Credit ratings of the DBK: raising of «long» and «cheap» money; 
    - Reliable partner: quality expertise and administrative support; 
    - Significant experience: agent of state programs.