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Ratings of the bank

Credit rating of Development Bank by Standard&Poor’s corresponds to the sovereign rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan, credit ratings by Moody’s and Fitch Ratings 1 point below the sovereign rate. Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC ratings are one of the highest among quasi-sovereign companies and banking sector of the RK.

As of 29 February 2016 Bank’s ratings are as follows:




Republic of Kazakhstan

BBB-/ negative


Baa2/ positive

Development Bank of Kazakhstan

BBB-/ negative

BBB/ stable

Baa3/ stable

On 24 February 2016 Standard&Poor’s (hereinafter – the Agency) cut the Bank’s long-term credit ratings of counterparty in foreign and national currencies to “ВВВ-“ from “ВВВ”, outlook – “Negative”. 

Credit ratings of the Bank have been lowered due to corresponding rating activities with the sovereign rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Credit rating/Outlook:

Credit rating/Outlook:
BBB/ Stable/

Credit rating/Outlook:
Baa3/ Stable/