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Lending instruments and services

The Bank suggests middle and long-term credit provision for investment projects and export operations, current activity credit provision, intermediate and mezzanine financing, leasing deals financing, guarantees provision, equity participation, interbank financing.

The minimum loan for projects in the field of manufacturing industry development and infrastructure makes up from $ 30 million and from $ 10 million for food industry. More detailed information is provided below.

Type of instrument

Information about instrument

Medium term and long term lending of investment project

Minimum amount of the loan – USD $30 million
Minimum term of the loan – 5 years
The size of own participation of the company not less than 20% of the amount of the estimation of the investment project

Lending of export (pre - export) transactions

Minimum amount of the loan – USD $5 million
Term of the loan shall be specified according to the conditions of export operation (up to 5 years)

Lending of on-going activity under the investment project

Minimum amount of the loan – USD $1 million
Maximum amount of the loan provided – up to 40% of the amount of loans and financial leasing under the investment project, unless as otherwise is set forth by the decision of the authorized body.
Term of the loan – less than the term of financing the investment project

Interim financing

Financing for the purposes of provisions of preparation and implementation of investment project, including indemnification of previously invested funds

Mezzanine financing

Provision of subordinated loan with the right of its converting into shares or participatory shares in the borrowers capital.
The requirement is – higher profitability, than a standard rate for a loan.

Lease Transactions Financing

«DBK-Leasing» JSC
Amount of the loan – from USD $1 million, via the Bank – USD $30 million.
Minimum term of the loan – 3 years

Provision of guarantees

Bank guarantees, securities and other commitments on the part of the third parties

Capital participation

Participation in charter capitals of legal entities under financing of investment projects, as well as in order to provide the return of previously issued loan of DBK

Interbank lending

Financing of second – tier banks and non-resident banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan