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Investment projects funding

The priority areas of financing by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan are investment projects, export operations and leasing deals with socioeconomic impact and focused at establishment and/or development of:

1) infrastructure facilities in the areas of energetics, communications, transport, as well as for transport purchase;

2) agricultural production including production and/or purchase, raw material handling, its processing and sale of end product within the framework of Investment project;

3) industrial production including extraction, production and/or purchase, handling of raw material, its processing and sale of end product within the frameworks of investment project, export operation, leasing deal in the following industry sectors:
● metallurgy industry and metalware production;
● machine-building industry;
● mining industry subject to further processing of extracted/excavated materials within the framework of investment project;
● leasing deal;
● chemical and petrochemical industry;
● production of basic drug products and medications;
● rubber and plastics article;
● nonmetallic mineral products.

4) facilities in the following service industries: tourist, environmental, medical, educational, sports and recreation, hotel;

5) conditions for projects implemented abroad and promoting the development of infrastructure, transit potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan, export of Kazakhstan goods, works, services and capital;

6) facilities in the area of production of food products and beverages.