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Net income of DBK summarizing the results of the first half year increased by 27%

Net income of “Development Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC (a subsidiary of “Baiterek” National Management Holding”, hereinafter referred to as the Bank, DBK) in January-June this year was KZT 10.881 bln. up 26.8% in relation to analogous period in 2015. Net interest income increased by 32.8% - up to KZT 19.7 bln. Assets of DBK from the beginning of this year increased by 4.6% - up to KZT 2.226 bln.; own capital – by 3.1% up to KZT 367 bln.


Growth of net interest income is conditioned by expansion of Bank credit portfolio in 1.6 times in comparison with the analogous period of 2015 – up to KZT 1.417 bln. as at July 01 this year from KZT 868 bln. as at July 01, 2015.

Since the beginning of this year as at August 15, the Bank took decision about financing of ten projects to the total amount of KZT 58.7 bln. five of which are greenfield projects: construction of Turgussun Hydro Electric Power Plant with capacity of 24.9 mW in East Kazakhstan region; meat-processing complex and poultry farm with capacity of 60,000 live weight tons of broilers per annum in Akmola region; “MEGA Silk Way” Shopping and Recreation Center in Astana; transport and logistics center in Shymkent. Furthermore, the Bank approved financing of pre-export operations on purchase of oilseeds for production of vegetable oil and its delivery abroad from South Kazakhstan region, on purchase of oilseeds for production of vegetable oil in Almaty region, production of confectionery products in Kostanay region and beverages in Almaty, as well as export operations of the plant on production of starter lead-acid batteries in Almaty region.

Within the framework of long-term financing of manufacturing industry using the funds of the National fund through second-tier banks (KZT 100 bln. in total), the first tranche of Fund’s means was spent on 99.5% as at August 11 this year; thirteen commercial banks financed 36 projects to the amount of KZT 49 bln. and 769 mln. Within the framework of the second tranche, the application of funds was 89.1%; twelve second-tier banks opened financing of 49 projects to the amount of KZT 44 bln. and 560.3 mln.

Application of means of National Fund was 100%, which were meant for financing of projects within the framework of SPIID-2 (KZT 75 bln.), support of car building (KZT 5 bln.), Kazakhstan export in manufacturing industry (KZT 50 bln. of the first tranche), financing of commercial automotive equipment leasing (KZT 4 bln.)

Within the framework of concessionary auto lending as at August 11 this year, DBK agreed 7,686 applications of second-tier banks to the total amount of KZT 27 bln. and 716.8 mln., six second-tier banks granted 7,345 auto loans to the amount of KZT 26 bln. and 417.2 mln.