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Investment projects funding

The priority financing by the Development Bank are the following:

1) Investment projects, Export operations, having a socioeconomic impact, estimated in accordance with the internal acts of the Development Bank and aimed at formation and (or) development:

a) Infrastructure sites in energy, telecommunications, transport industries and transport purchase;

b) Agricultural productions, including production and/or purchase, transportation of raw materials, its processing and sale of end products within related Investment project;

c) Industrial production facilities, including extraction, production/or purchase, transportation of raw materials, its processing and sale of end products within Investment project, Export operations and/or Leasing deal in following fields:
 - Metallurgical industry and manufacture of metal products;
 - Mechanical engineering;
 - Mining with further processing extracted/mined material within the Investment project, Leasing deal;
 - Chemical and petrochemical industry, production of basic pharmaceutical products and medication, rubber and plastic products, non-metallic mineral products;

d) Sites in service sector (on commercial basis): tourism, ecology, medicine, education, sport, recreation, and hotels.

e) Conditions for projects implemented abroad facilitating development of infrastructure, transit potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan, export of Kazakhstani goods, works, services and capital produced in Kazakhstan.

f) Sites in food and beverage production.

2) Commercial projects, implemented by the legal entities that are not the subjects of the quasi-public and (or) public sector;

3) Projects of subjects of the quasi-public sector and (or) legal entities with the state participation (excluding the projects of subjects of natural monopolies), implementing the Programs, including the possibility of the subsequent transfer to the competitive environment of objects, being formed/have formed/modernized as a result of project implementation.