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Information on Concessional Financing Conditions on DBK Line using the funds of National Fund

Interbank lending is a conditioned financing of end-use borrowers through regulated banks.

The aim of interbank lending (hereinafter - IBL) is financing of Development Bank projects of private enterprise in prioritized branches of economy in the segment of value up to 30 million US dollars, venturing and expanding existing enterprises in manufacturing sector, refinancing of existing projects and working capital financing.

Mechanism of co-lending allows KDB bring moderate financing to small and medium enterprises, in addition to sharing credit risks and procedure of monitoring project execution with commercial banks.

From January of 2014, KDB accredits to end-use borrowers through regulated banks in the framework of following programs of Bank:

1. Support Program of industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the means of financing regulated Banks by “Kazakhstan Development Bank” JSC.

2. Credit program for regulated Banks by “Kazakhstan Development Bank” JSC.

KDB has been carrying out financing of government program for supporting enterprise entities, which was established by Government of RK in 2014-2016 through commercial banks since December of 2014:

1. Accrediting the entities of large scale enterprise in manufacturing sector (I and II tranche)

2. Supporting domestic producers

Under the conditions of the interbank financing, it is prohib\ited for bank partners to invest devoted funds into financial instruments and/or operations with them, as well as into exchange market for purchasing foreign currency. KDB conducts regular monitoring of process of loan disbursement and their intended use.